Orbital Free 1.0.2

Colorful arcade action with orbs


  • Excellent gameplay
  • Incredible visuals


  • Short single player

Very good

Orbital Free is a great arcade action game with an interesting gameplay experience.

In Orbital Free, there is only one single-player mode and three multiplayer modes. The single-player mode is Supernova. In this mode, the player fires orbs into the field where they expand based off the area.

Each orb requires five hits before it will explode. The size of the orb determines the blast that expands across the board. The blast will register as a hit and combinations can be created. It is a simple scheme that requires a good amount of strategy.

The multiplayer modes in Orbital Free are Supernova, Pure, and Gravity. Pure is a head-to-head match with Supernova rules. Gravity changes gameplay by adding gravity effects on each new orb created so the shot orbs are affected by the existing orbs on screen.

The visuals in Orbital Free are simplistic with an 8-bit style, but the color spectrum that the game uses is incredible. Orbital Free might have not look like there is not much happening, but when orbs are detonated the colors that emerge are impressive. Chaining combinations together create some incredible effects.

Orbital Free is just a taste of the full game. It supplies just enough to get players hooked, but focuses more on multiplayer than a single-player experience.

Orbital Free is fun, but without friends it can get a little stale.

Sound has been fixed Several bugs fixed


  • Sound has been fixed Several bugs fixed


Orbital Free 1.0.2

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